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Welcome to Crooked Creek Studios.

Crooked Creek Studios is a state of the art recording studio that combines high quality vintage gear with the most up-to-date high fidelity modern plugins to create award winning music. A producer with 20 years of audio engineering experience in the music industry and our professionally trained musicians on staff will help you bring your songs to life.
Our recordings get regular play on satellite radio and are featured in publications all over the world. Our four story facility is located in the peaceful and serene Southwest Chicagoland area. With its relaxed atmosphere, it is known as one of the most creative environments in the Midwest.
We have multiple isolation booths and live rooms for tracking, plus high end pre-amps and microphones to capture your best sound. Our tracking rates includes one engineer/producer as well as a technician to ensure that your session goes efficiently and that all of your goals are met in a timely fashion.
We also offer mixing and mastering services. This includes enhancing and balancing the harmonic content of your track, as well as smoothing out dynamics, shaping the equalization contour, and finalizing the track with volume, limiting, and normalization in order to make sure it has that radio ready sound.  
We want your experience at our studio to be fantastic! It is our goal that you feel inspired, positive, and creative and that together your project turns out above and beyond your expectations.
We have weekly opening for sessions and are excited to meet new artists.  

Contact us today to start your project!
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